Falcon Resources

Falcon Club of America (FCA)

The FCA is a valuable resource for any Falcon owner or fan. Just knowing that there are others out there like you will help you keep your Falcon going. The club welcomes a wide range of enthusiasts -- from stock purists to hot-rodders.

FCA On The Web

The national club website. Unfortunately, the website has gone downhill since Brian Sullivan left his position as Internet Director, FCA.

Mailing Lists

The Ford Falcon News (TFFN)

The Ford Falcon News is the most convenient and complete Internet resource for Falcon owners. David Thorne started the mailing list in response to the disappearance of the Falcon Discussion Group. The list boasts nearly 600 subscribers who are actively restoring, modifying, driving, and enjoying their Falcons. If you have a question about anything Falcon related, this is the place to ask.

Falcon Discussion Group (FDG)

The now defunct mailing list, created and maintained by Brian Sullivan. The list closed down on December 31, 1998 because of Brian's increased responsibility as a new parent but I've left mention of it here because FDG set the standard for Falcon-related Internet help.

Falcon Clubs

Erie Canal Chapter, FCA

NY, Canada
Heart of Texas Chapter, FCA

Keystone Chapter, FCA

Ontario Chapter, FCA

River City Chapter, FCA

Sonoma County Falcons For Fun, FCA

Sooner Chapter, FCA

Space City Chapter, FCA

Suncoast Chapter, FCA

High Sierra Falcon Club

CA    The High Sierra website has a nice collection of vintage Falcon ads and articles, as well as Econoline/Club Wagon photos.

Falcon Websites

Joe Weaver's
'64 Falcon Restoration

This site has detailed instructions, with extensive photographs, of Joe Weaver's on-going restoration of his Falcon.

Coming in the future: book reviews, vendor listings.

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