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Owning a old car means fixings things. It's unavoidable. Knowing your car inside and out will make owning it more pleasurable.

If you own an old car, chances are that you don't mind tinkering with it at least occassionally. Maybe you just want to keep things adjusted properly. Or maybe you want to restore your car to its original glory. Or maybe you even want to install modern accessories or safety equipment.

This section is for you.

Most of these tips relate to the Falcon, but many are also of general interest and application to other makes and models. Some of these articles will outline simple procedures. Some will describe major tasks. In any case, use caution. Safety first. We make no guarantees, implied or otherwise, about any of these procedures. Don't sue us.

Steering Wheel Reconditioning Steering wheel cracked and faded? Make it look like new for very little money.

GEO Power Brakes
for '60-'65 Falcon
Add a dual master cylinder and brake booster to your Falcon for under $50. By Mark Dinzebach.

Installing Lapbelts Early Falcons do not have seatbelt fittings. These instructions show how to install vintage style lapbelts for front bucket seats.

If you have a suggestion for an article, please send e-mail to the editor with the subject "DIY Tip." Submissions may be edited for content and length. Credit will be given.

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