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[chuck] Deep within the bowels of the Falconaut, a dedicated team of trained monkeys pours through volumes of past print periodicals to find Falcon references -- so you don't have to.

And while these monkeys work tirelessly 365 days a year, the list is currently small.

Monkeys can't read.

Dealer Literature      
Falcon booklet 1960   12"x7" full-color dealer brochure, Falcon models
Falcon booklet 1961   11"x7.5", full-color dealer brochure, Falcon models
Ford Wagons booklet 1966   11"x9" full-color dealer brochure, Fairlane, Falcon, Club Wagon
Concept Cars      
Falcon Club Wagon 1961   B/W illustration
Falcon Ranchero 1960   B/W illustration of cab-over Ranchero
Other Advertisements      
Autolite Spark Plugs 1960   B/W, full-page ad w/ Falcon illustration
Ford Times 1961 Oct 1. New 1962 Falcons

2. Club Wagon review

Motor Trend 1960 May 1. Cab-over Ranchero concept sketch  see also Concept Cars,

2. Ranchero (w/ camper shell) review

Motor Trend 1960 Aug Falcon on cover, "Compacts w/ Go-Packs" engine swapping

Motor Trend 1961 Aug 1. Club Wagon concept sketch  see also Concept Cars,

2. Econoline Pick-up review

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